From Belgian pastures to international clients


Our steps

We like to be transparent when it comes to our approach and short supply chain. That is why we briefly explain how we guarantee the quality of our meat right from our Belgian pastures all the way to the international market.

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Everything starts with the right livestock. That is why we select and buy our cattle from local and DQA-certified farmers and trades.

Our buyers, all of whom have over 10 years of experience working for us, know exactly what both we and our customers look for. After we have selected and bought the cattle, our drivers safely transport them to our facilities.

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After our drivers arrive on site, all cattle are unloaded and escorted to the  slaughterhouse. Both the escorting and slaughtering processes take place under the watchful eye of an AWO (Animal Welfare Officer) and are supervised by our experienced employees. This way, we always ensure an efficient slaughter in accordance with our industry’s rules.

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After the slaughtering process, we bring all carcasses to our cold storage. This is where the first phase of our cold chain begins. We thoroughly inspect the carcasses and select the right carcasses for our clients. We then deliver the carcasses directly to our clients or expertly cut and bone the requested cuts in our cutting plant.

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When the carcasses have to be cut and boned, we transfer them directly from our cold storage to our cutting plant, which lies adjacent to our slaughterhouse, a feature that is quite unique in our industry. This enables us to process our carcasses more quickly and make sure that our cold chain remains uninterrupted.  

In our cutting plant, our experienced butchers skilfully cut and bone the requested cuts according to our clients wishes. Once finished, all cuts are thoroughly checked and prepared for packaging and labelling.

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Packing & labelling

In our packaging department, we pack all cuts carefully and make sure to only use the most appropriate materials to guarantee the quality and freshness of our meat.

Once packed, we prepare the orders for shipment and provide them with custom labels for our clients. These custom labels allow us to fast track our shipments and relieve our clients of having to label all packing themselves, which in turn allows them to process their orders more quickly as well.

Icon cooling and freezing

Cooling & freezing

Depending on the delivery time for our orders, we refrigerate or freeze the carcasses and cuts. Our cold storage and freezing rooms are automatically monitored and have a built-in system that notifies us if the temperature drops, the room is not properly sealed or if there are any other defects.

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Finally, we ship all of our orders to our clients, without interrupting our cold chain. For this we have a vast network of national and international transport companies that help us ensure a fast and reliable delivery both locally and globally.

Upon delivery, we also make sure that all transportation documents and other paperwork is in order and added to the orders. This allows for a smooth shipment and full traceability of all cattle, carcasses and cuts.