Knowledge, passion & approach


Selection & standards

To guarantee the quality and safety of our meat, we make sure that our facilities and approach comply with all national and international standards within our industry. We are approved by the FASFC under EG 6 and EG 6/1, we are IFS-certified and allowed to produce our products under the Better Life Label and the European Organic logo. 

Additionally, our experienced buyers, all of whom have over 10 years of experience working at Swaegers, select the cattle themselves from local DQA-certified farmers and traders.

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Craft & seniority

Our employees are, all in their own right, one of the pillars of our company. All of our teams are led by company seniors with decades of experience and consist of craftsmen who learned their trade in training or by working with their experienced colleagues. When a new employee starts, they often go through all departments, which allows them to learn each skill first-hand.

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Hygiene & safety

When it comes to processing, handling and storing our meat, we apply numerous hygiene and safety standards. Our departments work according to the main principles and guidelines of our industry and our employees all receive the necessary training within our ranks.

When it comes to infrastructure, we only work with machines and tools from qualified suppliers. Additionally, we carry out the necessary analyses and sampling of our facilities in cooperation with an accredited laboratory.

Swaegers employee with carcass


As is the case for many other sectors, the environment and sustainability are also important topics within the meat industry. That is why have invested heavily in our facilities to be as self-sufficient and work as environmentally friendly as possible. Among those investments are solar panels to generate our own energy as well as applications to optimize our water heating, usage and recovery processes.

Additionally, we also work with a short beef supply chain, which means that we use as few external partners as possible for our operations and that we only select and buy our cattle from local certified farmers and trades.

Swaegers cow on pasture

Quality assurance

Logo IFS EU organic logo

At Swaegers we comply with the most important standards and have the necessary quality labels and certificates for our industry such as: